Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bimbadgen Moscato NV

Sweet tooth? Wine ain't your thing? This could bring you round.

Wines like these aren't for analysis, they are simply to be enjoyed with lots of fun a frivolity.

Not normally my style of wine, the time was right, the mood was right, and damn, I needed a frosty cold glass of something. This tastes like grapes (grab a handful from the supermarket and you'll know what I mean), has a florally aroma, has bubbles and is pink...all you need to know in that respect.

I like the presentation of the bottle with a crown seal. Rip this off and drop a straw in. With only 3.6 drinks in the bottle, it's hard not to chug back. I poured a glass on a ridiculously hot afternoon and it was gone in no time. There was no complaint from those I shared it with either who also generally shy away from this style of wine.

Worth a look for that hot summer time BBQ. Even better, handy for the driver to sip away at.

Who: Bimbadgen
What: Moscato (6% alc)
Where: Hunter Valley
When: NV
How: $18