Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Clovely Estate Kartlis Deda Saperavi 2012

The label is eye catching and the bottle is heavy as. No expense spared here.

As soon as I opened the wine I was attracted by its bright colour.  It certainly drank better on the second day after getting a little air.
I felt the structure and tannin didn't match the fruit weight and it certainly needs some fatty food to accompany it. With pork crackling at hand, this certainly altered the experience.

Oak and dry herb aromas jump out. Dark berries abound with gentle spice. There's lots of mid palate concentration followed by a very dry finish. Very dry! Mouth puckering stuff and then some.

Not a wine I would personally seek out. The pricing is questionable particularly when this was tried alongside a Saperavi less than half the price and much more drinkable.

Who: Clovely Estate
What: Saperavi (14.5% alc)
Where: South Burnett
When: 2012
How much: $90

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  1. Wow - $90 for South Burnett product. What do you think Steve, is it worth it?



    1. I wouldn't seek it out and I wouldn't buy it. It's freakin dry. For $90 it would want to be bangin a fine tune and it ain't.