Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Friday Drinks Radio 4BC 2 May

A quick chat about oxidisation before sharing two excellent wines from the new McWilliam's Appellation Series. The Appellation Series sets out to highlight the various wine regions within NSW.

Listen in here.

My bargains this week:

McWilliam’s Appellation Tumbarumba Chardonnay 2013 $24
 Attractive nuttiness and florals. Throw in some fleshy peach and a dash of creaminess and that about sums it up. Captivating stuff. Delicious and then some. Keep an eye out for it.

McWilliam’s Appellation Canberra Syrah 2013 $24
Cool climate Syrah at its best. Smell the violets! Engaging aromas of cherries and white pepper and nicely integrated spice. Silky smooth. A delight to drink full stop.

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