Sunday, 12 June 2016

St John's Road Gee Whiz Tram Driver Traminer Riesling 2015

I learnt something new today - Gee Whiz Tram Driver is Barossan slang for Gewürztraminer. There you go.

An interesting wine for varying reasons, one of them being that the vines are 'sheep pruned' to keep with the minimal intervention approach. 15% Riesling was also blended in.

To the wine: pretty aromas of rose water, Turkish Delight, purple and white flowers, musk, a touch of honey too.

Long days need wines like these. It's crisp, fresh and very moreish with a slatey edge. That musk and rose water really kick through here to a long finish. It's dry and it's bloody tasty.

I'd have a couple of glasses easy... And I did.

Drink now.

Very good.

Region: Eden Valley
RRP: $18
Source: Sample

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