Thursday, 23 February 2017

Samuel's Gorge Piñata People Gamay 2015

Burger night saw me armed with this and it didn't disappoint.

A cool as label, this captures the spirit of the Samuel's Gorge experience precisely. I popped in there a month ago and have since exchanged a few emails with winemaker Justin McNamee. There aren't many cellar door experiences like this anywhere. It's chilled. It's casual. You feel at home.

One of the responses I received from Justin captures the mood and his ideals precisely:

"Sorry to have missed you. Yes we had a cracking week eating and drinking in
the great city of Melbourne. I am stoked you came to visit our place. You know what; we (a chunk of the industry) under appreciate people, personality and culture in the whole matrix of creating engaging wine. If you take away the place and people wine certainly deflates to mundane nothingness. I get geology, aspect, weather, horticulture, wine shows.... but it's what a group of characters do with that makes wine pop. It's a very human thing. I am fortune to have great people here and we love where we work; a goat shed on a hill drinking with people who care."

After reading that you understand the label even more - a contender for label of the year. As it wraps around 80% of the bottle you can't help but be captivated. It's colourful, playful and entertaining.

This Gamay is a tasty sucker with buckets of spice. It caught me on the back foot admittedly. Not as juicy as I would have hoped, but regardless, there's plenty of enjoyment factor lying within.

Mulch, dark cherries, cranberries, perhaps a whisper of sandalwood. Fine through the mouth with neatly integrated spice, it screams for another sip but gee that spice hangs on long for the ride with an acid crunch to finish. The burger was great but I'm tasting little birds - quail would be perfect.

Drink now to three years.


Region: McLaren Vale
RRP: $30
Source: Sample
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