Sunday, 30 July 2017

La Violetta Patio Pét Nat 2017

For those playing at home, Pét Nat is a wine bottled before fermentation has finished. There are no sugar adds and the wine is cloudy and funky and completely out of control from the winemaker who may like to 'pretty things up' for the consumer. Topped with a crown seal, this is an enjoyable fizz. A style that will tickle the fancy of some, not all.

A splash of Riesling was dropped in along with the dominant Black Muscat prior to bottling (not filtered nor fined) and the wine Gods took care of the rest. Some familiar words to Australians adorn the back label, "Out on the patio we sip". Sip is way better than sit - nice touch but I'm sure Gang Gajang may not agree.

Cloudy, it looks a bit like chicken broth in some respects. Sweet muscat grapes seize the aromas. Tinged with a squeeze of citrus, it's appley. I can't help but think of cider. Nicely weighted and textured, it's creamy and absolutely smashable. The finish is dominated by Black Muscat yumminess and handfuls of yeastiness. A good aperitif, or just a lazy anytime wine when soaking up the sun - on the patio.

Drink now.


Region: Ferguson Valley, Western Australia
RRP: $30
Source: Sample

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