Saturday 27 April 2013

Pepper Tree Coquun 2011

The flagship of the Pepper Tree range, the fruit comes from vines just over 90 years of age.

Medium bodied, some unique characters for a Hunter Shiraz which I found intriguing.

Mulberry, cherry tart, tobacco leaf aromas. Fruit is good but could be more concentrated. There's plum, spice and it's juicy. I just felt I was waiting for more something special to arrive, only to be stood up.

The second day it was open the wine unleashed some beefy and gamey characters. Some oak char chiseled its way through too.

I'd be interested to see where this goes in coming years. A wine made to be put away, it nearly seems unfair to make comment on it now so early on during its development.

Released May 2013.

Who: Pepper Tree
What: Shiraz (14.5% alc)
Where: Hunter Valley
When: 2011
How: $?? (2010 $55)


  1. I tried the 2009 of this and exactly the same thoughts, really opens up over 24-48hrs. A keeper, one for the cellar for sure as you state.

    1. Thanks Stu. Seems a common theme as 2010 was much the same with regard the "keeper" factor. I did prefer the 2010 to this though.