Thursday, 10 September 2015

Taylors Sauvignon Blanc 2014

I haven't looked at a Taylors wine for ages so it was good to see some come through the door.

This Sauvvy is made from Adelaide Hills fruit. But something that caught my eye was the temperature indicator on the back label. Gimmicky? Maybe. But not a bad way to get punters to think about how they consume their wine. You'll be pleased to know I followed the instructions and tasted this at "optimum" 6-8 degree mark.

Clean and fresh with plenty of green things going on here; cut herbs, melon, green apple. There's some tropical fruit in there too which reveals itself slowly. Passion fruit, under ripe pineapple husk, even a smear of lychee. Refreshing and crisp to finish.

Quite tasty and well priced. Plenty to be pleased about here.

Very good.

Region: Adelaide Hills
RRP: $19
Source: Sample

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