Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Thomas Wines Elenay Shiraz 2013

Thommo is a straight shooter and it's no surprise that he tells you exactly what the Elenay is on the label. Some winemakers sugar coat what their wine is about, but not Thommo. Sure the Elenay is a jazzed up name for L & A, but he even goes to the trouble to tell you that this wine is the Lips and Aresholes. Yep, the left overs.

But this ain't no ordinary offal offering. The fruit parcels going into this include a couple of barrels of Kiss from the older vines, a couple of barrels of Kiss from the younger vines as well as some barrels usually headed for the Sweetwater. The result is a delicious wine.

Chocolate and mocha type oak make an impression straight up followed by dusty earth and perhaps a drop of soy. The younger oak picked up here suits this style more than the Sweetwater and Kiss. Dark cherry and fruit reign supreme. Medium bodied, this delivers a soft and comfy ride. Dusty tannins to finish when the oak washes through once more. It will age gracefully.

Something about it just wants me to have more, and I'm happy to oblige. Lips and Arseholes eh? My arse!

Very good+

Region: Hunter Valley
RRP: $45
Source: Sample

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