Saturday, 7 May 2016

Margan Breaking Ground Albariño 2016

Say hello to the Hunter's first Albariño. Planted in 2014, this 2016 is hot off the bottling line.

An abundant array of tropical fruit roll out the welcome mat. Pineapples, honeydew melon, lemons and lime zest and an ever so subtle honeysuckle whiff.

Textured through the mid palate which piggy backs some minerality. The fruit is crisp and fresh with a spicy chaser ripping up the middle. Zippy acidity brings life to the finish screaming for another sip.

I'd be interested to see how this will age, but I suspect mid-term would be as far as I'd go at present. I'm sure Andrew Margan will pop a few away to test this theory nonetheless. Irrespective, it's good to go now and that freshness is what I'm liking big time.

Very good.

Region: Hunter Valley
RRP: $30
Source: Sample

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