Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Ten Minutes by Tractor Wallis Chardonnay 2014

Quality from a tough 2014. Lower yields were a result of rain and unfavourable weather in November 2013. Wallis was the only single vineyard Chardonnay made in 2014 - McCutcheon and Judd not making the cut.

The progressive increase in quality through the range is clear. The 10X is a very handy entry, the Estate a sum of the parts and this Wallis single vineyard sits above the rest like a shining beacon.

Ripe pineapple husk and grapefruit aromas leap out. Struck match and vanilla cream sit back biding their time. In the mouth it feels a bit tense but relaxes soon enough. A suggestion of jersey caramel lurks in the depths, but delicate yellow fleshed peach and citrus assume control. The more I go back the more infatuated I become.

Drink now to eight years.

94/100 - Very good

Region: Mornington Peninsula
RRP: $68
Source: Sample


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