Friday, 15 March 2019

Red Letter Days What She Said Tempranillo 2018

I can't say I've had a New England Tempranillo - til now.
Winemaker Greg McGill is a proud Scotsman and also loves The Office - hence the name. A quick Google search will fill you in for those who don't watch the show...

A handy wine with some 530 bottles produced. Aromas early of sarsparilla and cola. Wild fermented, there's a lingering whiff of ferment too plus a curious appearance from eucalyptus. The latter impacted by the said trees around the vineyard. You have to look hard for it so it's not a big detractor having said that.

Purple and blue fruits swim about quite casually. It's an easy drinking wine which has a meatiness to it too. The acid is a little crunchy and bitey - underripe red apple like. A wine best served with tapas or pizza and pasta dishes.

Drink now to six years.


Region: New England
RRP: $32.50
Source: Sample

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