Monday, 23 March 2015

Yalumba Christobel's Moscato 2014

This is a pleasant enough aperitif.

Pretty aromatics. Musk, rose water, purple flowers and some tropical fruit spill out of the glass. A refreshing drop which is quite cleansing and dangerously slurpable. But sugar has that effect doesn't it? In this case, 50g/L and only 8.5% alcohol. There's a nice spritz which makes it even more appealing for those stinking hot days when in search of some refreshment.

Tell you what though, it would make a fair slushy too. Pour out a glass from the bottle, freeze the remainder and then shake it hard. Presto, instant slushy!

Readily available and often priced below the stated RRP.


Region: Not specified but from South Australia
RRP: $15
Source: Sample

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