Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Yelland & Papps Devine Grenache 2012

I love the way these wines from Yelland and Papps are presented. You know how serious the wine is by the type of bottle it comes in. This bottle is a weapon with a punt deep enough for your hand to disappear.

Coming off vines planted in the early 1920's, a small portion of this wine was wild yeast fermented and aged in new (25%) and old French oak for 24 months.

Take a whiff and some fruit sweetness is evident. Peel that back to reveal raspberry, red licorice and cherry fruit sitting on a bed of red earthiness. A savoury dried herb character can't be missed and plays a neat part here. Some cured meat arrives for a play and there's the hum of peppery spice doing enough to peer through the cracks without wanting to intrude too much. Nice!

It's just a beautifully rounded and soft wine. Terrific length supported by super soft and supple tannins which linger oh so long. I'm in love. Hang on, let me take another sip. Yep, I am.

Cellar for ten years but ready to rip into now.


Region: Barossa
RRP: $75
Source: Sample


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