Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Le Cirque Wine Co. Kissing Booth Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Cool name and I dig the label. There's the majority of the sales pitch done and dusted. A clever effort by the marketing team here me thinks.

Le Cirque Wine Co. is a label falling under the ever growing Angove Family Wines banner.

The contents back up the label too. Gooseberry, passion fruit, sugar snap peas, field grass and a drop of lemon juice. Flavours are clean and the fruit is crisp, lingering nicely.

It's a good drink if Sauv is your thing, but Sauv ain't my thang. However, I don't mind this and credit to those in their quest to convert me.

Have by the pool or with heaps of smiling friends on the weekend.

Available at good independent retailers.


Region: Marlborough, NZ
RRP: $16
Source: Sample

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