Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Pipers Brook Chardonnay 2014

I tasted this blind in a line up of four Chardonnays including two from the Mornington Peninsula and one from the Yarra Valley. This Pipers Brook just seemed off the pace.

Whilst the others demonstrated from varietal strength and personality, this came across almost like a Riesling on first taste. I was determined to correct what I had first perceived here. Green apples, a squeeze of lemon, nectarine and custard apple even in there too. Grape fruit acidity then stepped up the more it grew closer to room temperature but there was a sweetness which was the detractor for me. The presence of a slippery phenolic character lay in wait too on the finish.

In the end, there was a bit too much going on here which drew my attention away from the main game.

I'd prefer others.

Region: Tasmania
RRP: $34
Source: Sample

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