Saturday, 21 January 2017

TeAro Estate Iron Fist Grenache 2014

Grenache and new oak have never really been good bed fellows, and here's an example why.

Whilst the fruit shows promise the new oak steals the limelight and I can't shake it.

Aromas of red fruits with lillypilly influences but the oak wrestles at the aromas and then stings the flavour profile. Time in the glass reveals some neat blue fruit but the horse has bolted.

I had a good chat with Todd Rowett about this wine and I'd be interested to see where he takes it for 2017 and beyond. All old oak too I'm hoping.

Only a 100 cases were produced.

Would I buy it? No chance. I'd prefer others.

Region: Barossa
RRP: $35
Source: Cellar Door Tasting

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