Friday, 10 November 2017

Dirt Candy The Natural Riesling 2017

Scrumptious Organic Riesling from Orange. A dicey choice of wording on the label though - 'The Natural' could be misread by the uninformed as a natural wine but it's far from that. There's no funky skin contact creation here, just lots of slurp factor for those with a thirst to quench.

Green apples and lemon blossom grab you with two hands from the outset. Zippy citrus and apple sours cruise through along with a slight pithy release. Curled up ready to seize the opportunity is a lick of minerality. Crisp with the refreshment dial cranked high, a smart first Riesling release from Daniel Payne.

Drink now and go your hardest with fresh seafood on hand.


Region: Orange
RRP: $24
Source: Sample

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