Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Schwarz Wine Co. Meta Grenache 2020


Funky, bunchy and a little meaty. Wicked Grenache. 

The whole bunches really play their hand here - all 85% of them (website says 85% and the label 75%. Hmm). Mushroom scents and savoury feels are the early focus here. Medium bodied, a slight lemony tang shapes the acidity. Red fruits in the form of strawberries and raspberries with a dollop of red plums which add a smidge of depth. Rubs of earth, this just keeps giving. Soft spices and a little warmth roll on and on. The funk won't be everyone's cup of tea but I'd be happy to take their share. Chill slightly in warmer months and you're still in front. I love it.

Drink to five years.


Region: Barossa
RRP: $38
Source: Sample

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