Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Glen Garvald by Levantine Hill Merlbec 2019


Fancy Merlot and Malbec joining forces in the Yarra Valley of all places? "I've never seen this before!" I say to myself. Words you never want your GP to utter... Alas, this is a great combo and well played by the team at Levantine Hill.

Interest runs aplenty to keep the juices flowing. Give it some air and a good swirl of the glass and it opens up nicely showing its best self.

A blend of Merlot and Malbec (76/24), roasted capsicums and black currants roll out the welcome mat - ripe Merlot really stands tall before puffs of earth and a smattering of dried herbs enter the fray. Some tension is still evident with some age-worthy appeal too. A tick from me.

Drink to six years.


Region: Yarra Valley
RRP: $50
Source: Sample

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