Sunday, 17 January 2016

Meerea Park Terracotta Syrah 2014

This is right in the slot. A Barry White meets Sade number. Sexy croon + smooth operator.

Aromas are an evocative mix of savoury goodness and berry fruits. A dollop of Viognier (2%) has given this a floral lift.

Juicy red and dark berry fruits run riot with a dab of fruit sweetness. Generous in delivery but holds the medium body frame. A style of wine which is hard not to adore, the softer approach certainly has a more endearing persona. Plummy, delicate chocolate, a dusting of earth and spice round out a deliciously smooth and supple wine. Damn.

Cellar long term. Or not.


Region: Hunter Valley
RRP: $70
Source: Sample

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