Monday, 16 October 2017

Mitchell Wines McNicol Riesling 2009

Heading into the aged phase, this is a peach. A delicious aged Riesling for those who enjoy dipping their oar into this ocean of pleasure.

With all the Mitchell Wines I've seen in recent time, value is a word which springs to mind. Lots to offer and then some yet again the asking price much less than expected.

The fruit comes off a vineyard which has never been irrigated nor have the vines ever been kissed by herbicides or pesticides. Good pedigree there.

Generous and moreish all the way. Preserved lemon and dripping with lemon juice, the entrance into the aging phase is clear with kerosene characters playing a neat tune. The mouth is generously coated and deliciously weighted. Superb drinking.

Drink now or cellar for another ten years easy.


Region: Clare Valley
RRP: $35
Source: Sample
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