Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Lowe Wines PF Organic Shiraz 2017

The PF500 sees the rebirth of the Lowe preservative free organic Shiraz. 500 because the vineyard is 500m above, 500 is the name of the horn clay preparation used in biodynamic winemaking, and a proportion of the wine has been bottled in 500mL bottles.

500 mL bottles are a great idea too for packaging considering preservative free wines won't last after opening.

Unfined, unfiltered and zero sulphur. Dark berry fruit, a whiff of Christmas cake and blackcurrant too. Deep-seated chocolate seems to want to deflect attention as do some briary characters. Not overly dense through the mid-palate, it's spicy with a blanket of warmth thrown over the top. Quite taut, roast almonds are quite distinctive to finish.

I'd have a glass with something beefy but not much more.

Drink now to five years.


Region: Mudgee
RRP: $17 (500 mL), $22 (750 mL)
Source: Sample

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