Tuesday, 10 October 2017

O'Leary Walker Watervale Riesling 2017

The two O'Leary Walker Rieslings present plenty to look forward to each year. It's almost a his and hers type of thing. Slate and minerality with the Polish Hill River, florals and prettiness with the Watervale. For 2017, I'm leaning towards the Watervale. What a bargain this is for Riesling fans!

Lovely florals and citrus fruit. Jasmine flower, unobtrusive softly perfumed and a squeeze of lemon. The fruit cruises about with ease presenting a delicious drive. A thin veil of pith and a crisp acidity close the show leaving the mouth watering. Quite sessional really, there would be a problem if you didn't enjoy a few glasses.

A steal for the asking price.


Region: Watervale, Clare Valley
RRP: $19
Source: Sample


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