Friday, 4 August 2017

Domaine Chandon Chardonnay 2015

I chose this off a wine list when dining out recently. I was intrigued more than anything - I haven't looked at a Chandon table wine for yonks. Known more for their sparkling, the last time I had a good taste through the range was at the cellar door perhaps ten years ago. The venue didn't miss my hip pocket either - $15.50 for a glass! My curiosity got the better of me too - don't you just wish sometimes you can unbuy some things?

Underripe pineapple, green mango and apple skin aromas. It's quite tight with a caramel tinge and melted butter sauntering through. There's a nuttiness there too but from the aromas to the taste it all just seems a little all over the place. I tried and tried but couldn't warm to it.


Region: Yarra Valley
RRP: $30
Source: Wine list

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