Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Patina Reserve Chardonnay 2015

Owner and winemaker Gerald Naef makes a big statement, "I don't think there is another region in the world that necessarily produces better Chardonnay than Orange, there are just stylistic differences."
Bold as that may be, he has back up those words will a stellar release. Dive in worthy.

Grilled cashews, barbecued yellow peach, fleshy white nectarine, figs, plus lashings of vanilla cream and caramel. Bursting with personality, there's plenty of interest to seduce the senses. The fruit delivers ample of width and breadth yet is balanced beautifully with well-handled acidity. A lick of lemon juice on exit before that nutty goodness presents itself once more on close. Great Chardonnay Gerald!

Drink now to ten years.


Region: Orange
RRP: $45
Source: Sample

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