Saturday, 28 September 2019

Berton Vineyard Winemakers Reserve Aranel 2019

My first look at the Aranel variety and I like what I see.

I know little about its history and information isn't easy to find but I can tell you that it is a hybrid.

Fresh and cleansing through the mouth, it smells a bit like Riesling, has a fatness not too dissimilar to Semillon and a creamy/textural thing you see in some Fianos.

The acid is ready to slice through fatty foods - my mind immediately leaps to fish and chips. Scents of cucumber, white flowers and tonic move to a creamy (ish) palate showing some white-fleshed peach mojo. That fatness through the mouth adds good width and breadth before acidity, best described as similar to grapefruit, brings things home. Yeah, find those fish and chips.

Drink now.


Region: Riverina
RRP: $14
Source: Sample

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