Sunday, 29 December 2019

Hart & Hunter Hunter River Riesling 2019

We were heading out for Thai so I grabbed this off the shelf at a local independent retailer in Newcastle. There are only a handful of Riesling producers in the Hunter Valley so I was keen to give this a road test.

Quite a clean style, shift your thinking away from minerally and talc like examples from the Clare Valley.

Green apple, lime juice and lemon grass are the main players. A satisfying type with crowd pleasing appeal which will take the sting out of a sweltering afternoon or equally partner spicy dishes such as Thai as was the case this time in.

Drink now to three years


Region: Hunter Valley
RRP: $35
Source: Retail

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  1. Are you sure its riesling? Hunter River riesling is generally a synonom for semillon. The famous Lindemans Hunter rieslings of the mid to late 90's are semillon.

    1. You're right and good point raised. I asked the same question at the time. The wine was housed with other Rieslings and the manager was adamant it was a Riesling. We got talking about other Rieslings in the district - Pokolbin Estate and Comyns & Co (off dry) as examples

    2. Hi there. Further to your questions, I've been able to clarify that this Riesling is sourced from Pokolbin Estate vineyards.

  2. It's defenitley Riesling from the Hunter Valley head up to the Cellar Door and check it out super tasty.