Monday, 2 December 2019

Usher Tinkler Nose to Tail Rosé 2019

Usher Tinkler loves the word sexy. Perhaps he overuses it? I'm pretty sure he would refer to this as sexy too - I agree. A fabulous slurp.

Lazy afternoons need this kinda stuff. Have with food or just have it yourself. I tried the latter and it worked a treat.

There's plenty to enthuse - dark cherry, pomegranate, under ripe strawberry and cranberries. It's like the waves of a quiet cove lapping at your feet. A blend of Shiraz and Merlot, there's an ease and effortlessness about it. A delicious creamy drive pushes through the mid palate, and if there's any uncertainty, a red apple like crunch bowls in on close. Big pours please surrounded by those friends of yours who laugh out loud often.

Drink now.


Region: Hunter Valley
RRP: $27
Source: Sample

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