Sunday, 19 April 2020

Antiquarian Pinot Noir Shiraz 2017

I see Pinot Shiraz blends as pretty and medium bodied. Recent years has seen an explosion of the blend. Originally born in the Hunter Valley, the blend has since grown legs in the Yarra Valley particularly from producers who've previously spent time in the Hunter.

This wine has no relation to the Hunter or the Yarra for that matter. I was interested to see how this Clare Valley example would look - I didn't know it ever existed prior to its arrival. After swirling it around the glass, it took me aback on the first day of tasting to be honest.

Quite a rich wine, it's porty and heavy. A 55/45 blend, the alcohol was stated as 15.6% - a far cry from the medium bodied examples seen from the Hunter and Yarra. It's a wine which shows those rich characteristics I've seen in some overripe Grenache wines from the Clare.

Over three days of tasting it stood firm. I was hoping it would show a softer side - not to be. Heavy and mucular Pinots, such as some from New Zealand's Central Otago, have comparisons to Shiraz but this is a blend perhaps Cabernet drinkers may prefer. For me, the saturation of sweet fruit and density take away the essence of what this blend should be.


Region: Clare Valley
RRP: $59
Source: Sample

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