Friday, 31 July 2020

De Bortoli Wizardry Grenache Blanc 2020

A new range of wines from De Bortoli showcasing the beauty of Grenache three ways - white, Rosé and red. This Grenache Blanc is a pleaser. 

Tipped in the glass there's an energetic sprint of aromas spilling from the glass. Think green apples, lemon and cut green herbs. Grenache Blanc is variety low in acidity but there is a crunch here. The mid-palate is quite tame with a dab of fruit sweetness lingering. A fine texture is brushed across the top. An easy drinking wine with a fine spice sprayed across a respectable finish, I'm thinking Chinese and Thai take away is the go or even fresh seafood. 

Drink now.


Region: Heathcote
RRP: $23
Source: Sample

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