Sunday, 30 August 2020

Nikkal Rosé 2020


This Nikkal Rosé is a story of triumph and selflessness. Winemaker Kate Goodman has vowed to donate ALL profits from this wine to the Breast Cancer Network of Australia.

As per the press release from Kate Goodman:

In between when you woke up this morning and when you go to sleep tonight, 55 Australians will be told they have breast cancer. The risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer by age 85 is 1 in 7 for women and 1 in 670 for men. The five year survival rate is 90 percent.

In 2017 I joined these statistics. It was an eye opening time as I navigated the medical system for the first time. It also highlighted the importance of support systems be it family, friends or external. During this time I found the resources and networks of the Breast Cancer Network of Australia invaluable ( 

My life is great and I am in a position to give back. ALL profits from the sale of this wine will be donated to the BCNA. My fundraising target is $60 000. This limited edition Nikkal Rosé is "feminine, fun and fabulous".

Gorgously pink in the glass, this Rosé is made from Yarra Valley Merlot. It's quite a joyous wine and it's super easy to enjoy too. Driven by red currants and red berries, there's an ever so slight dusting of spice humming along in the background. A dry style with a delicious creamy mouth feel that reaches out for an embrace but the red apple crunch has me hooked. 

A win on two levels - you get a delicious Rosé and the BCNA get some much needed funds. Your spring time afternoon slurp is an easy decision with this. 

Drink now. 


Region: Yarra Valley 
RRP: $150 per 6 pack
Source: Sample

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