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Berton Vineyard Winemaker's Reserve Aranel 2021


Go rare and exotic to impress your friends with this vibrant and crisp white. Aranel is such a rare variety that there are only two Australian producers bringing it to the people. For $20, you could be the trendsetter in your tribe.

Offering terrific refreshment, think cut pear, lemon juice and a citrus tang. White fleshed nectarines loom large, but just as you think this is all vibrant and bright, there is a considered side - the result of 10 months on lees. A soft texture and a whisper of creaminess the result. Moreish refreshment rushes at you here with grapefruit acidity having the final word. A very tidy wine worth reaching for.

Drink to three years.


Region: Riverina 
RRP: $20
Source: Sample

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