Thursday, 31 August 2017

Raidis Estate Kefi Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Here's an interesting project wine. A collaborative effort of members who choose to buy in. Those who do so have input into winemaking decisions and their names are even printed on the back label. Furthermore, those involved pick the fruit (although timing eluded the group for this vintage), crush it and are consulted on key decisions during the process. Photo and video updates are also sent through to keep everyone in the loop. A cool concept to engage members and fans of the brand.

A quick look from the Coonawarra Roadshow...

Russian oak was used, "Coz it's gentler on the spice," Steve Raidis tells me. He goes on to say, "We don't want this wine to look like others in the range." And it doesn't. Cabernet with its hipster get-up on.

This is Cabernet dialled back. It's dainty. Pretty even. Waves of fine spices are curled around juicy black fruits. Quite moreish, the plentiful fruits skip about joyously. There's a complexity to it but at the same time it's easy drinking offering a soothing caress.

This will cellar 5-8 years.


Region: Coonawarra
RRP: $50 (cellar door only)
Source: Tasting

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