Friday, 16 March 2018

Allegiance Wines Unity Barossa Shiraz 2014

Tasted blind along with some other Shiraz wines, you could have knocked me over with a breath of air when I later read the press release that stated the RRP is $100. Wowsers!

There's a great mystery to these Allegiance wines. There's no mention of winemaker, no mention of vineyard location, all details skim the surface which piques the curiosity - and the asking price is sky high. A host of medals have been won in Asia but none detailed from Australia. Hmmm.

Dark chocolate, nutmeg, clove, cedar and caramel. It's rich and dense with dark fruit and berries at the wheel. Coffeed oak aromas continue to roll in. Underripe red apple acidity crimps the edge of the palate and clings on tight. Drying to finish, the fruit seems swept aside as the acid takes the focus though some spice lingers.
I gotta say after coming back the next day I still found it hard to gravitate to. I doubt I could finish a glass.


Region: Barossa
RRP: $100
Source: Sample
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