Friday, 8 June 2018

Soul Growers Single Vineyard Gobell Shiraz 2016

The first release of the Gobell Shiraz by Soul Growers, and what a damn fine entrance it has made. Sublime. A stunning wine.

As per the website,"The Gobell family have been a part of the agricultural and viticultural landscape of South Australia and the Barossa Valley for 6 generations. Their vineyard that lies in the hollow of the Stonewell portion of the Barossa Valley, lies with an east facing aspect that catches the morning sun. This little part of the Barossa is often associated with the intense blue and red fruit spectrum of Shiraz and this release is very typical of the Shiraz characters that abound in Stonewell."

Soul Growers have 17 growers they call upon making their wines unique in so many ways. Eleven of these growers are the fifth generation - I doubt any other winery can boast such diversity and history.

Juicy, dense, it's a wine which is so captivating. Ribbons of scintillating fruit thread their way effortlessly. Generous and incredibly moreish, dark fruits seem endless. Super soft spices entwine themselves among the delicate fruit with faint touches chocolate and earth. It's just humming.

Drinking beautifully now but will cellar well to a decade+


Region: Barossa
RRP: $150
Source: Sample

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