Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Tellurian Riesling 2017

Here' something you don't see every day... Heathcote Riesling. The Hopkins family aren't afraid to try new things, and despite there being very little Riesling in the region, the theory was that dry and hot conditions through the day and cool nights like the Clare, maybe this might work. And it does.

The vines were planted from 2011-2013. This is the third Riesling Tellurian have produced but it is the first off all the planted vines. Only 200 dozen are produced.

Lots of minerally action with a florally lift. A whiff of citrus pith also meanders through. Some partial barrel fermentation has imparted flashes of toasted almonds. Quite minerally in the mouth too. It's tight with river stones driving hard at the wheel with some textural feels.

Drink now but this will age nicely if that's your thing.


Region: Heathcote
RRP: $22
Source: Sample

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