Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Penley Estate Project Cabernet 2019

Yet another exciting wine to come from the Coonawarra district. Winemakers have been mixing things up over the last few years and here's your chance to stand and applaud Kate Goodman and Lauren Hansen for smashing this Cabernet outta the park. I love the label, I love the juiciness and I love the delish factor.

This is a hand grenade of fruit forward Coonawarra Cabernet pleasure ready to explode in your mouth. Only 13% alc, whole berry fermentation is completed in a cast stone egg fermenter. Natural yeast fermentation too place with extended maceration. The wine was pressed to old French oak on the 12th November, a total of 201 days on skins. No sulphur was used.

A touch of coffee grounds before a riot of blue fruits and red plums swarm. Tomato bush, cut green herbs and dry oregano drape themselves around the edges, but this is all about that delicious fruit forward Cabernet. There's a big dose of Barry White factor - I can't enough. Charge at this before kicking back and admiring the clever art work on the label and embracing what's in the glass.

Drink to five years.


Region: Coonawarra
RRP: $50
Source: Sample

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