Friday, 15 May 2020

Torbreck The Laird 2015

It's not every day you get a hand delivered sample and ability to discuss such a revered label at the kitchen bench as I did yesterday. Lovers of big wines are in for a treat here - a superb Laird release.

The uniqueness of The Laird isn't just about its history for me, it's also about the oak treatment. Thick staves, 54mm mind you, are the difference and certainly play their hand. These Dominique Laurent 'Magic Casks' aren't for general sale either, and are only offered directly as they were to Torbreck. At around $3000 each, the oak comes from the tiny Troncais forest and is double the thickness of standard staves.

Coming off a dry grown vineyard planted in 1958, I'm reliably informed that the vineyard is early ripening too - contrary to many thoughts. The finished wine sees 36 months in 100% new oak. 

An exellent wine, be consumed by aromas of clove, black fruits, aniseed and coffee grounds which all skip from the glass. The oak is noticeable but settles with time. I left this on the bench for four hours before revisiting it when it was much more settled. The black fruits swim deep with dark chocolate etched throughout. Fine spices add charm and charisma. A big wine, yes, but it's classy too. It's broad and fills the mouth with ease. Complexity for days, that scent of cedar is never far away. Dusty cocoa tannins land softly on the palate but seemingly last forever on a stunning finish. Certainly a wine to savour. A most impressive Shiraz which will outlive us all I suspect.

Drink 2022 to as long as you want. 


Region: Barossa
RRP: $750
Source: Sample

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