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Santa and d'Sas Renno Riesling 2016


I was gifted this Riesling a little while ago and held off for the right moment. Warming up for six kilos of Porchetta seemed an appropriate occasion. Good gear this with years left in the bank.

A quick check of the website and I was surprised to see this Riesling only comes in the magnum format (1.5L). Mind you, I didn't complain and nor did my guests. Riesling magnums have a prestige about them given their eye-catching appeal and long neck.

I really liked the shape of this wine too. It's turned the corner to the aging phase with those aged Riesling traits of kerosene and toast are quite prominent. Add some old-school lemonade, lanolin and waxy feels and you have quite a piece of work. Interest keeps peeling off in the form of Kaffir lime leaf, preserved lemon and leaving a delicious citrusy tang that rides long. There is still some grip too. It was very well accepted around the group as it disappeared quite quickly - enough said really. Nicely done.

Drink to ten years+


Region: King Valley
RRP: $100 (Magnum)
Source: Gift

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