Thursday, 5 July 2018

Vinomofo The Homeless Grapes Project Shiraz 2017

In some respects, this project could rightly be called the Selfless Grapes Project. So many people have given their time and resources to ensure it gets off the ground, all for the benefit of others. In the end, it's a brilliant story of a vast community coming together for those less fortunate - namely the Hutt Street Centre in Adelaide. Get the full rundown here.

Every cent raised will be donated to the centre - 2000 bottles have already been sold (333 cases) with a total of $44 000 already in the bag, and no doubt, this number will continue to rise. Quite an incredible feat really.

But what's it like? Gee it drinks well, and while I don't believe scoring the wine is in the spirit of the project, rest assured your money is well spent - a wine that tastes good and does good. Winning!

The wine itself resembles the characteristics needed to endure some time on the streets. It's bold and thick-set. There's a density from dark fruit and dark berries but a soft soul yearning for the warmth of a home. Some dark chocolate adds appeal and there's a whiff of French polish too - the comforts those without a place to call home could only dream of. Soft spices roll on offering a friendly grin ready for the next interaction which seemingly comes all too easy.

Reach out and be repaid for your goodwill.

Well played to all involved and it seems it's not too late to jump on board.

Region: McLaren Vale
RRP: $120 for 6
Source: Sample


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