Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Moorilla Praxis Pinot Noir 2019


Part of the Praxis Series, "Be liberated from the mundane," the label says. You sure will be here. Bunchy and funky, loads of savoury delish come rushing at you. 

Sarsparilla, cola, undergrowth, tilled earth and twigs - what an entrance! Some pan juices seek your attention too. Plummy fruit plays a secondary role as the interest builds with more time in the glass. Every time you go back there is another veneer to peel back. And if you want to avoid the mundane, some clever winemaking needs to be executed - they've nailed it. A fabulous Pinot that will appeal to those who like something a little left of centre. I love it and it's excellent drinking for $29, but I'm not so sure all Pinot purists will take the plunge. Trendy wine bars and a charcuterie board will do just fine. 

Drink to five years.


Region: Coal River, Tasmania
RRP: $29
Source: Sample

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