Friday 28 January 2022

Dirt Candy The Chameleon 2021


It's not easy tasting wine with Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon on repeat in your head. But I took a hit for the team. This is a Sem Sauv that will make a lot of people very happy. It beams happiness and sunshine. Thank goodness it's not beaming red, gold and green...

Pineapple sage, shelled peas, green capsicum, cut green herbs leap from the glass. There is a vibrancy and energy here. Flashes of lemon juice and pineapple husk chime in. Clean and crisp to finish,  I know a lot of lady friends who would race to this, possibly even start singing "that" song...

Drink now. 


Region: Mt Lofty Ranges
RRP: $30
Source: Sample

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