Friday, 28 December 2018

Lou Miranda Centenarian Shiraz Mataro 2015

There's some serious history behind this label. The Shiraz vines were planted in 1907 and the Mataro in 1897. A blend of roughly 80/20, the wine spent 24 months in French oak.

With the respected history comes a big price tag too, but don't let that sway your judgement when looking at a wine - case in point here. There's plenty going on but it's hard to justify the $90 asking price.

Opening with notes of baked raspberry, earthiness, oyster sauce and cedar, there's a greeny and stemmy thing going on through the mouth. It's sweet to taste with the mid-palate missing in action. Some lemony acidity frame the edges and tea-like tannins close things out. After a few days of tasting there was little improvement and I walked away more confused than satisfied.


Region: Barossa
RRP: $90
Source: Sample

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  1. that's incorrect the 2014 was from shiraz planted n 1907 but the 2015 is from shiraz planted in 1991 please just don't cut and paste

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I can only pass on information shared by the winery...