Saturday, 8 April 2017

Ten Minutes By Tractor Wallis Chardonnay 2015

Of the three single vineyard 2015 releases, this comes across as the sensitive soul. I just wanna give it a cuddle.

Looks can be deceptive - just like kids. Take a whiff and you get the sense of that caring, soft individual but there's another side to its personality. To taste and its firm. A firmness many folk would find endearing. Ball grabbing if you will. I get the sense it's looked at me with a clenched fist but I can't help but be a fan of its unique approachability.

A whiff of lemon meringue tart and lemon juice. Fresh green apple zeal with a raw cashew appearing to push the buttons from behind. Lovely use of oak - gee I love Chardonnay and here's a reason why.

Drink now to ten years.


Region: Mornington Peninsula
RRP: $68
Source: Sample
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