Saturday, 4 August 2018

Irvine Spring Hill Primitivo Rosé 2018

It's winter time here in south-east Queensland yet the outside temperature sits around 22 degrees with blue skies a prominent feature. A glass of this in hand in the gorgeous sunshine would be picture perfect.

Soft fruit, I'm yet to see a Primitivo Rosé handled as well as this. Usually a big and bulky wine, the fruit has been softened magnificently. Whiffs of tangelo, watermelon and red currants capture the mood. The hero throughout is undoubtedly pink grapefruit which runs a neat course swaying and swerving at ease. The fruit thins out a little but that can be overlooked very easily. A bonus point for the extra love which has gone in.

Drink now.


Region: Eden Valley
RRP: $24
Source: Sample

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