Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Singlefile Single Vineyard Frankland River Shiraz 2018

Veneers of pleasure come naturally with these Singlefile wines. There's certainly plenty to sink your teeth into here as well.

I had a look at this wine before revisiting my notes on the previous vintage out of curiosity. I get a sense I'm about to repeat myself, so please forgive me in advance...

Meaty and smokey scents with pan juices plus char and a Granite vibe get things underway. The fruit is dark and robust - the deep end of the pool seems to get deeper, so generous is the delivery. Black plums, mulberries and a good scattering of black pepper continue to impress. A sip slow and embrace type - beautiful.

Drink now to eight years.


Region: Frankland River
RRP: $39
Source: Sample

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