Sunday, 30 April 2017

Bass River 1835 Gippsland Pinot Noir 2015

A fair Pinot that did it tough in a line up with some pretty classy company.

70% destemmed, cold soaked and small batch wild fermentation. 30% saw whole bunch carbonic maceration, 18 days skin contact and 30% new oak used. Phew! That's some work.

Graphite like, whole bunch drive sits at the core. Some stemmy greenness, dark cherry, raw red meat - lots of savoury action. Add a dash of spice on the finish although a bitterness sits on the flank too. There's just not a seamless flow through the mouth as much as I'd like. Oh to be picky.

I'd prefer others at that price point.


Region: Gippsland
RRP: $45
Source: Sample
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