Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ravens Croft Verdelho 2016

2015 label shown

I dropped by the Granite Belt over the weekend. A fantastic couple of says spent with great folk and passionate winemakers.
Many wineries there produce a Verdelho. Some say it's the best variety suited to the region. Whilst I don't subscribe to that theory, I do think this Ravens Croft example is the best going around.

Mark Ravenscroft has used a South African yeast here and feels he has hit a winning formula. I'll second that.

Yellow tropical fruits drive the bus, this is a crisp wine with a dry push. Passionfruit hums along with a surge of lemon coming late. There's a fractional citrus pith too which I don't mind leading to a finish which lingers nicely.

Great drinking.

Drink now.


Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $25
Source: Cellar Door tasting
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