Sunday, 7 May 2017

Gartelmann Diedrich Shiraz 2014

There's always plenty of surprises in the wine industry. Particularly when the Hunter Valley produces a said 'vintage of the century' in 2014 - only to read the back label of this which says 'yield was too low' and the remainder of the wine was supplemented by Clare Valley fruit... I'm still scratching my head.

Put that aside, this is a smart wine. Time will be its friend too. It's a little tense and reserved but the potential is clear. The gentle persuasion of some bottle age will do the trick, easy.

Smokey, lots of dark fruit, plums and berries straight up. The more I swirl the glass the more a minty character reveals itself. A surprising depth will hold it true for years to come. A sheet of spice lays across the mouth finishing long. The acid seizes up a little which I don't mind either - think big picture. This is the best wine I've seen from Gartelmann.

Hold off for another year or so but will cellar long term.


Region: Hunter Valley
RRP: $45
Source: Sample

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